Ukraine, Vinnytsia
068 316 6703, 093 880 9518

Impulsio Mio Mio

Scottish cats

We are professionally engaged in breeding cats of Scottish breed. You can choose a kitten Scottish (short-haired) or highland (long haired) straight/fold (shape of the ears).

Professional approach

Our cattery Impulsio Mio-Mio is a member of KLK "KET", Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Felinological system of WCF. The official registration was received on 22.12.2015.

Color of kittens

We prefer marble colors of Scottish cats in different variants: silvery, classic, red, turtle. In addition, sometimes in our cattery are born kittens colorpoint, smoky, spotted colors.

Vaccination and care

All our animals are vaccinated against viral diseases and rabies. Preventive treatment from parasites is carried out regularly. In the care of the kittens we are guided by the advice of the best veterinarians.

Shows, public activities

All breeding animals of the cattery attend exhibitions and receive permission to breeding. Also, we are often invited to TV channels for thematic interviews.

Wellcome to the site of scottish cats cattery Impulsio Mio-Mio

Let's get to know our cats!!!

The cattery Impulsio Mio-Mio was created in 2015, since then we do not imagine our lives without animals. Our pets live with us, in a comfortable environment for them.
Regularly taking part in exhibitions, we are proud of each, even a small victory, because we very carefully choose breeding animals to improve the Scottish breed.

We offer different Scottish kittens for sale:

Scottish fold
- Scottish straight
- Highland Fold
- Highland Straight
We are engaged in classical colors without white. As a rule, it is a marble color on a silver or golden undercoat, red, turtle and smoky, spotted color.

The cattery is located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine.

It is a member of the CLC "CAT", the WCF system.
If you live in another city or country, then we arrange a comfortable delivery of the selected kitten.
All the kittens leave our home after a full course of vaccination, deworming and parasite prevention. Subject to the purchase of a pet, the animal will be castrated up to the moment of sale. Each of our graduates will be obliged to have a veterinary passport, club metric / pedigree, recommendations for care.
The Scottish kittens from cattery Impulsio Mio-Mio are socialized, educated and not aggressive. Gentle character in combination with perfect appearance - this is the result of our work.

We invite you to see our Instagram, where you will be able to see Scottish kittens grow, live and entertain.
In the «Sale» section you can choose and buy a kitten.
In the «Gallery» section you will see photos of our breeding cats and graduates.

Recent News

On December 12, 2015, a meeting of the Royal Canin Breeders Club was held in Vinnitsa. Theme of the event: "Prevention of infectious diseases in nurseries. Feeding the cat in the reproductive period. " Guests: - Olena Karichynska, veterinarian, director of the veterinary clinic "About Maksymovych". - Marina Pashnjuk, expert, scientific communications department "Royal Canin Ukraine". From the organizers there were pleasant surprises: drawing prizes, gifts, wonderful feast and lots of useful information!

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On March 24, 2016 was held a seminar from the company “Mars” in Vinnytsia. Theme of the event: “Correct feeding of cats. How to correctly read feed warehouse “. Lecturer – Irina Andriuka, regional manager of “Mars Ukraine”. During the seminar, we not only listened to useful information from the lecturer, but also talked to a guest veterinarian, exchanged experiences with other catteries owners. We are looking forward to new meetings. It’s never too late to learn.