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Exhibitions “The Ball of Cats” and “Flower fern”


Though with a good delay, but still … Let’s report on the exhibition in Ternopil “Flower fern” (25-26.06.2016). Experts: Tomas Balchiunas (Lithuania), Tomoko Vlach (Austria).
The organization is just great, we got to the holiday! Experts – without words, only positive emotions !!! Well, the participants … In the free time, I ran between the tents and sincerely admired the fluffy and not very fluffy. Due to the large number of contests, it was possible to view virtually every cat on stage and hear at least a few words about the character of the participant.
Also took part in the International Exhibition “Ball of Cats” in Kyiv (04-05.06.2016). Experts: Tatyana Dyachuk, Ukraine (AB, WCF) and Tatiana Tarasenko, Belarus (AB, WCF).

And now, briefly, about our results:
Delis (Devisable”s I*Delis) 2xCACIB, 2xCACGIB, nom bis
By (Impulsio Mio-Mio By) 2хCACJ, 2хCAC, nom Bis, BOS (Ternopil, 26.06.16)!

Titles, gifts from the organizers and sponsors, a lot of memories and emotions, new acquaintances – these are such nice “effects” of summer trips to cats exhibitions. We look forward to the next opportunity to speak with experts and viewers.