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International cat show in Lviv


A first important event in the activities of the Scottish cattery  Impulsio Mio-Mio – International Cats Show in Lviv “Lion’s Cup”, October 24-25, 2015.
Let’s tell you about the modest results of our cats:
1. Barmaley (SFSn22) became the best kitten of the best day (Best baby 1st day), nom. BIS 1-2 days;
2. By (Impulsio Mio-Mio By, Highland straight n22) nom. BIS 1-2 days;
3. Delis (Devisable”s I*Delis, Scottish straight ns22) nom BIS 1st day, 2xCACJ.
Both the kitten and the young man received excellent descriptions from the experts. Excellent demonstration of the show-temperament of the babycats, and Delice duly began his career. At exhibitions of this format, visitors can always not only admire cats, but also make a photo and buy a Scottish kitten.
Continuation will be … We are waiting for the following exhibitions.