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EMS codes of cats breed and coloring (WCF)


Each designation of a breed-color of a cat consists of several groups:

Marks have 3 capital letters (eg PER, SIB).
The designation of the main color is 1 small letter + small letter “s” for the colors of the silver series or “y” for the golden series (n – black, ns – black smoke, ny – black gold).
The other part of the index is indicated as needed and consists of a pair of digits, the first of which denotes the type of attribute (for example, the color of the eyes or the presence of white staining in color), and the second digit characterizes the sign itself.
From the number 0 begins to indicate the presence of white in color.
From number 1 begins denoting the value typing in silvery colors.
From the number 2 the designation of the type of drawing in the tabby colors begins.
From figure 3, the designation of the type of pointe color (Burmese, Siamese) begins.
From number 5 begins to indicate the length of the tail (the breed, which is characterized by anomalies in the structure of the tail, such as Menx, bobtail).
From figure 6, the color of the eyes begins (indicated mainly with those colors where the color of the eyes may be different: chinchilla, puter, white).
The dog’s octopus is recorded as XXX.xx.NN.NN.NN. (NN), where: XXX is the alphanumeric three-letter breed, see Rocks codes
xx – lowercase letters (up to two letters):

a – blue
b – chocolate (brown), harbor (chocolate, gavana)
c – lilac (lilac, lilac), lavender (lilac, lavender)
d – red (red)
e-cream (cream)
f – turtle (black tortoise) (tortie – for solids, solid color, torby – for tabby colors)
g – Blue Cream (Blue Tortie / Torby)
h – chocolate tortoise (chocolate tortie / torby)
j – Lilac Cream (Lilac Turtle) (lilac tortie / torby)
n – black, villages, wild (black, seal)
o – sorrel (sorrel)
p – faun
q – Sorrel Tortoise (sorrel tortie / torby)
r – fawn tortie / torby
s – silver (silver), smoke (smoke) (silver, smoke)
y – gold (golden)
x – not registered, not recognized color (not registered, unrecognized)
w is white.

NN.NN.NN. (NN) – the value of the pairs of digits (up to 3-x main and 1 auxiliary):

Begins with 0, 1, 2, 3

01 – van (van)
02 – harlequin (harlequin)
03 – bicolor (two-color, white) (bicolor, with white)
09 – white spotted 1-2 cm (medallion) (little white spots)
11 – obscured (1/4 of the top of the hair darkened) (shaded)
12 – veiled (1/8 of the upper part of the hair darkened) (tipped, shell)
21 agutti (agouti, tabby)
22 – marble (blotched, classic tabby)
23 – tiger, striped (mackerel, tiger)
24 – spotted
25 – ticked (ticked)
31 – Burmese
32 – Thonkin (tonkinese)
33 – Color Point (Siamese, Himalayan) (color point)
34 – Singapore (singapura)
35 – Taking (tikking).

Those starting at 5 (tail length):

51 – Fluffy (rumpy)
52 – the remainder of the tail 1-2 vertebrae (rumpy riser)
53 – “bean”, 7-13 cm of twisted (repeatedly refracted and twisted) tail (stumpy)
54 – long, normal tail in the menxi-variett (longy).

Beginning with 6 (eye color):

61 – blue
62 – yellow, orange, golden (yellow, golden)
63 – different eyes (oddeyed)
64 – green (green)
65 – the color of the eyes of Burmese (Burmese)
66 – the color of the eyes of thin cats (tonkinese)
67 – the color of the eyes of Siamese cats and foraywrites (Siamese, foreign white).