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Classes of kittens


The class of kittens is an assessment of the quality of one or another breeder kitten. Felinologists distinguish 3 classes: pet, breed and show. Depending on the breed data, the cost of the animal, its future (castration / sterilization, breeding or exhibition career) is determined.

Scottish Pet Classes (Pet) are great for pets. In general, these animals conform to the standard, but have some disability (for example, incorrect bite, lack of coloration, motionless or slow-moving tails of the tail) or incorrect breed signs (pronounced scots with tight fitting ears, tail length, etc.). Also in the category of pet includes cats that are inappropriate for show-careers. In most cases, these disadvantages are noticed only by professional breeders and experts, the appearance of kot-baby ordinary people will not see so-called defects. The cost of this class of kittens is the lowest, but you must understand that you commit to cast your pet to avoid the birth of babies who have the wrong breed features. Scottish cattery “Impulsio Mio-Mio” sells casseroles of petioles. Early castration is a safe procedure, you can not worry about the health of your pet.

Cat breeds Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold Breeding Class are a slightly degraded version of the show category. Such Scottish cats (especially girls, since tribal cats always have the highest possible requirements) have minor disadvantages, such as heavy or lightweight skeleton, not too bright eye color, etc. They can take part in exhibitions, and with the right, professional selection of the partner will give the perfect offspring of the highest quality. The analyzed class is suitable for beginners breeders, as well as for sterilization (the price, accordingly, decreases).

The Scottish show-show kitten (Show) is a masterpiece, the birth of which some breeders are waiting for several years. The maximum approach to the standard breed is difficult to achieve, so this type and is more expensive than others. Purchasers of cats should understand that externality varies with age, in particular after the birth of offspring (for cats) or the onset of hormonal changes (cat bundles). From this category, you can also choose a castrate favorite if you want to buy an ideal Scottish kitten, but you do not plan to do his careers and breeding. If you decide to buy a show of a Scottish cat or other breeding animal with complex criteria for assessing the appearance, it’s best to use professional advice to not get caught by the cunning unscrupulous sellers.