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Useful information

Classes of kittens


The class of kittens is an assessment of the quality of one or another breeder kitten. Felinologists distinguish 3 classes: pet, breed and show. Depending on the breed data, the cost of the animal, its future (castration / sterilization, breeding or exhibition career) is determined. Scottish Pet Classes (Pet) are great for pets. In general, these animals conform to the standard, but have some disability (for example, incorrect bite, lack of coloration, motionless or slow-moving tails of the tail) or incorrect breed signs (pronounced scots with tight fitting ears, tail length, etc.). Also in the category of pet includes cats […]

EMS codes of cats breed and coloring (WCF)


Each designation of a breed-color of a cat consists of several groups: Marks have 3 capital letters (eg PER, SIB). The designation of the main color is 1 small letter + small letter “s” for the colors of the silver series or “y” for the golden series (n – black, ns – black smoke, ny – black gold). The other part of the index is indicated as needed and consists of a pair of digits, the first of which denotes the type of attribute (for example, the color of the eyes or the presence of white staining in color), and […]